Of course you are in control of your own data … right? Well, not exactly.  With every save, send, upload or terms of usage you agree to, you may be giving away control of your own data without even realizing it.   Think about the last time you took a picture with your phone. Where […]

Dear KeepSafe customer, Yesterday, October 3, 2014, the KeepSafe app was crashing. Every iOS8 device was affected. If you did not delete KeepSafe, none of your data was in danger, as it is stored safely on your phone. There is an update available in the App Store now and everything is working normally. We apologize […]

UPDATE: October 4th 9am PST KeepSafe for iOS is working again. An update is available on the App Store. Update KeepSafe and everything should be back to normal. ———— We’re very sorry, but the iPhone app crashes directly at start on iOS8. We are working on it! Thank you for your patience. PLEASE NOTE: If […]

Steve Yegge was right: you guys at Google really don’t understand platform. by Philipp Berner, KeepSafe co-founder and CTO I was pushing a new update to our app, KeepSafe into the Google Play App Store this Tuesday (Nov. 27th), and something caught my eye. The reviews looked different. After looking in to this, I was able to figure out that App reviews in […]

KeepSafe’s lead mobile privacy developer Philipp Berner (Co-Founder & CTO) is headed South of the border this weekend for the Apptualízate mobile hackathon at Mexico’s National Polytechnique Institute in Zacatenco, just north of Mexico City. Philipp will talk about entrepreneurship in the mobile industry and try to bring some of the Silicon Valley spirit to Mexico. […]

This Tuesday we released a KeepSafe version with some improvements and bugfixes. Unfortunately, something made KeepSafe force close every time you opened the app. Thank you for all the reviews that made us find the problem very quickly.  We published a new update and the version that you see now should be stable. Hopefully, you’ll […]

KeepSafe is *the* tool empowering you to control your privacy and store all your digital things that you want to keep. Our first product is trusted by more than 2 million users and is available for iPhone and Android. In this blog, the KeepSafe team will write about news, privacy and how to make the […]


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